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Gather Your People


Gather Your People: Training Videos

Click here to access the second section of online training videos: Gather Your People. These 11 videos will cover everything you need to know about uniting the Christian community around you to support you and help you lead a Meant for More Week at your school.

Gather Your People

Christian Club & Outreach Worksheet

As you gather your people, the training videos will walk you through starting a Christian club if your school doesn’t already have one. If you do, still watch them! They share best practices for making your Christian club’s weekly meetings (and even your entire year!) more effective. Download and fill out this worksheet to make sure your Christian club gets this year of ministry, and your Meant for More week, off to a great start.

Christian Club & Outreach Worksheet

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Free Downloadable Materials

Prayer cards are a great way to get local churches involved with Meant for More. Here is a how-to guide covering how to make them and use them.

It’s so important for students to be Christian leaders at their school. Check out these 7 key ways students can lead by example at school.

One of the biggest ways churches can partner with Meant for More is by following up with and discipling students who come to faith at a rally.