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Meant for More is Driven by a Big Vision!

We want to see a student-led, church-supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school in America. During the next 1,000 days we would like to reach one million students in 450 schools with the love of Jesus. Perhaps more than any time in history, students in America desperately need to hear the life-changing message of the love of Christ.

We believe the best people to share Christ with students are other students. God has moved in many ways during America’s history, bringing many to Christ. We stand in need of a new awakening and we believe students can lead the way.


Our Scheduled Expansion

Current hubs in Los Angeles and Chicago are reaching 100+ schools

Expansion of the Bay Area, Dallas, Tucson, and current hubs.

Launch in Phoenix, Minneapolis, Sacramento 2021-2022 Launch in Houston, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Tulsa

Students all over have
already committed to reach their campus

Join now to give every student an opportunity to hear the gospel at your school!

Free Downloadable Materials

Prayer cards are a great way to get local churches involved with Meant for More. Here is a how-to guide covering how to make them and use them.

It’s so important for students to be Christian leaders at their school. Check out these 7 key ways students can lead by example at school.

One of the biggest ways churches can partner with Meant for More is by following up with and discipling students who come to faith at a rally.