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Plan Your Week


Plan Your Week: Training Videos

Our 10 Plan Your Week training videos are coming soon! These videos will cover everything you need to do to start planning your Meant for More Week, step-by-step. These videos are full of tips and best-practices to make the planning process as smooth and easy as possible.

Plan Your Week

Meant for More Week: Master Plan

There are a lot of moving pieces to keep track of when planning your Meant for More week. So, to make things easier, we’ve created the Meant for More Week Master Plan spreadsheet. This is one place where you can keep track of all your club members, contact info, lists, plans, timelines, budgets, schedules. . .you name it! Feel free to download the spreadsheet and customize it to fit your Meant for More Week. Pro tip: If some of the content overlaps with what you completed in the “Christian Club & Outreach Worksheet,” don’t worry. We encourage you to tailor your use of each resource as you need it.

Meant for More Week – Master Plan

Meant for More: Response Card

If you’ve watched the “Plan Your Week” videos, you know how crucial follow-up is to your Meant for More Week. Students may have attended a rally and heard the gospel, but if your club doesn’t do the work to follow up with them and continue the conversation, they might not take their faith any further.

Click the link below to download a sample copy of a response card you can print and hand out to every student that attends your Meant for More event. Make sure to have them fill it out AFTER the event, and that there is someone designated to collect them.

Meant for More Response Card

Life Books

As you plan your Meant for More Week, we highly recommend ordering Lifebooks to hand out to students after your gospel event. Lifebooks are amazing, condensed Bible booklets that recap the Old Testament, include the entire Gospel of Mark, and incorporate commentaries from real teens. Send the link below to your pastor and talk to them about ordering FREE Lifebooks for your event!


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Free Downloadable Materials

Prayer cards are a great way to get local churches involved with Meant for More. Here is a how-to guide covering how to make them and use them.

It’s so important for students to be Christian leaders at their school. Check out these 7 key ways students can lead by example at school.

One of the biggest ways churches can partner with Meant for More is by following up with and discipling students who come to faith at a rally.