Reach Your Campus

Give Every Student On Campus a Chance to Hear the Gospel

We know that sharing the gospel at your school can be a huge challenge. It’s hard to know what you can do or where to begin. Too often it feels like you’re the only student wanting to make a difference for Jesus at your school.

That’s why we’re inviting you to join the Meant for More Movement. Join with students across the nation to bring the hope of Christ to your campus.

We’ve helped students just like you make a HUGE DIFFERENCE at hundreds of schools around the nation. And thousands of students have come to Christ because of their step of faith!

Wherever you are in the process of sharing the gospel at your school, leading a Meant for More Week is a great way to give your whole school the opportunity to meet Christ before you graduate.


“Outreach is an amazing way to make an impact on your school. You can see the impact it has on the students, but it also has an amazing impact on you. You carry the gospel to other people and you can see that you’ve made a change in other people’s lives and you’ve been growing in your faith yourself.” 

-Charlotta C., High School Student


“I’ve been in a season of doubt lately and I’ve been struggling with why God can’t just be here and do big miracles in my life. I realized, through this ministry and seeing so many people be open to hearing the gospel and seeing God let us touch their lives and plant seeds—that was definitely a miracle.”

– Ethan, High School Student

“The first time I ever went witnessing at my school, I was super nervous. I had gone through a lot of dark things and I didn’t know if God was going to use it for His honor and glory. I shared the gospel with three girls and told them about what God did to me. Through that, they accepted God!”

-Yesenia, High School Student

Leading a Meant for More Week is totally doable!

In fact, we will help you build a customized plan for your school where you will:

1. Gather Your People

Build a team of students, get your pastor on board, and get the “ok” from your school’s administration.

2. Plan Your Week

Make a solid game plan with your people and have fun while doing it!

3. Promote & Lead Your Week

Invite friends, pass out flyers, host events at lunchtime, and share Christ personally as you have opportunity.

4. Follow Up & Celebrate

Help your peers take next steps in their faith, and praise God for how he used you and others across the nation to reach students with the gospel.

Join now to start receiving tips and resources to help you start reaching your campus right now! As March draws nearer, you’ll also receive a FREE starter kit with the tools you need to lead a Meant for More Week at your school!

Don’t miss this chance to give your school the opportunity to hear the gospel before you graduate! You never know who God will reach simply because you took a step of faith.