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How to Access Meant for More‘s Online Training Videos:

There are 39 training videos in total. These videos cover a wide array of topics from understanding your legal rights and how to get a Christian club started at your school, to how to keep your parents in the loop and how to establish a budget for your outreach week.

To access these awesome training materials and start preparing to share the gospel at your school, officially sign up to join the Meant for More movement by clicking the yellow “I want to be a part of Meant for More Outreach at my school!” button towards the bottom of this page.

Shortly after you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with an invitation link to click and log into our online classroom where we host the videos! If you signed up and have not received anything, please contact sophie@nationalschoolproject.com.

All “Getting Started” Training Videos:

Legal Rights
Starting a Club
Club Leadership Team Meetings & Roles
Club Meeting Ideas


Getting Started: Training Videos

Click the button below to access the first section of online training videos appropriately called “Getting Started.” These videos will help you understand students’ legal rights to share the gospel and have a Christian club at school. It will also give some best practices for structuring club leadership and running meetings.

Sample Social Media Posts

Social media is a free and easy tool you can use to promote your Meant for More week. Click the button to check out some sample social media posts that you can customize and use to promote your Meant for More week!

All “Gather Your People” Training Videos:

Getting a Coach
Getting Students On Board
Getting In Sync With Your Teacher Advisor
Getting Your Parents in the Know
Getting Your Church Involved
Getting the Ok with School Administration
What If Admin Says “No”?
Bonus Video to Educators
Bonus Video to Pastors
Bonus Video to Parents


Gather Your People: Section Overview

Click the button to preview our second section of online training videos: Gather Your People. These 11 videos will cover everything you need to know about uniting the Christian community around you to support you and help you lead a Meant for More Week at your school.

Printable Brochures

Explaining Meant for More to all of the people in your life might seem a little daunting. Talking to your parents, your youth pastor, and your best friend are all different. To make the process of gathering your people and getting them on board easier, we’ve designed a series of printable brochures for you to hand out. Each one is designed with a specific audience in mind: parents, educators, churches, and even potential coaches.

Free Planning Worksheet

As you gather your people, the training videos will walk you through starting a Christian club if your school doesn’t already have one. If you do, still watch them! They share best practices for making your Christian club’s weekly meetings (and even your entire year!) more effective. Download and fill out this worksheet to brainstorm what it might look like to get a club started at your school!

All “Plan Your Week” Training Videos:

Design Your Week
Prep Your People
Prep Your Events Part 1
Prep Your Events Part 2
Prep Your Events Part 3
Prep Your Promo
Prep Your Budget
Prep Your Follow Up
Witnessing: Why
Witnessing: How
Witnessing: Pray 5 Challenge

Plan Your Week: Section Overview

Click the button to preview our Plan Your Week section! These videos will cover everything you need to do to start planning your Meant for More Week, step-by-step. These videos are full of tips and best-practices to make the planning process as smooth and easy as possible.

Response Card Template

If you’ve watched the “Plan Your Week” videos, you know how crucial follow-up is to your Meant for More Week. Students may have attended a rally and heard the gospel, but if your club doesn’t do the work to follow up with them and continue the conversation, they might not take their faith any further.

Click the button to download a free response card template you can print and hand out to every student that attends your Meant for More event. Make sure to have them fill it out AFTER the event, and that there is someone designated to collect them.

Life Books

As you plan your Meant for More Week, we highly recommend ordering Lifebooks to hand out to students after your gospel event. Lifebooks are amazing, condensed Bible booklets that recap the Old Testament, include the entire Gospel of Mark, and incorporate commentaries from real teens. Send the link below to your pastor and talk to them about ordering FREE Lifebooks for your event!

Customizable Flyer Template

One of the most important pieces of promo you’ll create for your event are your Meant for More Week flyers. You’ll pass these out weeks, days and even minutes before your event as you invite people to come. Click this button to access dozens of customizable templates you can use to get started with your flyers. This template also includes instructions for how to print your flyers at home, at church and at a professional print shop!

All “Promote & Lead Your Week” Training Videos:

Are You Ready?
Abide Daily
Promote Daily
Lead Daily
Trusting God through the Unexpected
Bonus: Sharing Your Testimony

Promote & Lead Your Week: Training Videos

Click the button to preview our Promote & Lead Your Week section! These videos will talk about everything you need to do during your Meant for More Week. From inviting students and making flyers, to making sure everything runs smoothly during the event…these videos will help you be completely prepared.

All “Follow Up & Celebrate” Training Videos:

Faithful to Follow Up
Faithful to Celebrate
What’s Next?

Follow Up & Celebrate: Training Videos

Click the button to preview our Follow Up & Celebrate section! Your Meant for More Week might be done, but, in many ways, your work is just getting started. Now comes the crucial task of following up and connecting with the students who attended your events and especially those who made first time decisions for Christ.

Free Follow-Up Guide

Tackling follow-up can be daunting, but it’s one of the most important pieces of your Meant for More Week. This guide will help you determine which connections to prioritize and even prepare for each unique follow-up conversation. Talking to someone who has just made their first decision for Christ is totally different than talking to someone who just rededicated their life to Christ. Check out this guide to learn more!

Parents, Teachers, Pastors


Parents, Teachers, Pastors

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