Support Your Kids

Through consistent prayer, financial support, and church connections

We know you dream of your kids becoming confident leaders and making a difference for Christ at their schools. We also know how much opposition and isolation Christian students often face. That’s why we’re inviting you to join the Meant for More Movement.

Meant for More is a movement of students sharing the gospel at public schools across the nation.

In the past three years, we’ve trained hundreds of Christian students to lead outreach on their public school campuses and these students have seen 3,000+ of their peers make first-time decisions to accept Christ. None of this would have been possible without bold and faithful high school students like your child.

Will you commit to supporting your child as they step out in faith and see lives transformed by the gospel?

How Will Meant for More Impact My Child?

Meant for More will empower your child to make a huge impact for Christ. Not only will they be equipped with outreach tools to reach their school, but they will be prepared to share the gospel and impact the world for Christ for the rest of their lives.

During Meant for More Week, your child will be part of a team of students leading outreach events and sharing the gospel with other students at their school. Your child will tell others…

  • Their lives have meaning because they are created by God with a plan and a purpose.
  • They are meant for more than the things of this world. They are meant to know God.
  • They can have abundant life now by turning from sin and following Christ as their Lord and savior.


“Watching my sons participate in this was amazing. Not only did I see their friends ask lots of questions and be curious about the Lord—but I saw my sons’ faith grow too. They became very excited about further sharing the Lord even past high school.”

-Luanne, Tanque Verde High School

“These kids took it seriously and were really committed to it. With NSP’s mentoring, they were able to engage some local youth pastors, talk to their churches. The biggest thing was for them to learn how to engage their administration and what their rights were and what they were permitted to do.”

– John, Tanque Verde High School

These are the things we pray for as parents, that our kids will have the opportunity to really use their faith and see God moving because of things that they do.”

-Shannon, Empire High School

Meant for More Needs Your Help!

Here are some simple ways you can get involved today

1. Pray for them

Join our prayer team and commit to pray for your kids and the other students leading outreach in your community. Walk with your kids and pray for open doors to the gospel, abounding resources and hearts ready to receive Christ.

2. Support them financially

Commit to meeting some of the financial needs your children will encounter during Meant for More. You can help provide the funds for t-shirts for students to wear during outreach week and pizza to hand out during rallies!

3. Get them connected

Commit to helping your kids make connections with local churches and Christian leaders who can help provide them with mentorship, speak at events and follow-up with students who accept Christ during outreach.