Advocate for Students

To ensure the work they're doing to share the gospel is realized

As an educator, you play an important role in supporting students on a daily basis. They will need your support and advocacy even more as they embark on Meant for More.

We know how daunting it can be to think about sharing the gospel on a public school campus. Many students and teachers live in fear of breaking the law. Good news! We can help educate you about the rights Christian students have at your school. With this understanding and your support, students can get Meant for More started on your campus. 

Join with students across the nation to bring the hope of Christ to your local schools. 

Students' Legal Foundation

Meant for More is based on two main laws that make outreach on your campus 100% legal: the 1st Amendment and Equal Access Act.

The 1st Amendment provides students with freedom of religion and freedom of speech. These laws prevent the government from interfering with religious practice, and allow students to openly speak and write about their religious beliefs.

The Equal Access Act ensures that students’ club is given the same privileges on your campus that every other club receives. The best news is that students’ events, materials, promotion, etc. cannot be restricted based on their religious content.


“Inner-city schools are notorious for being low-performance schools—kids not graduating, very high dropout rates. I think as kids begin to realize God loves them, has a plan for them and they have hope, they will feel confident in who they are and feel better about going to school. All those labels will begin to change.”

-Sal Q., Teacher

“This is the answer. This is what every public high school in the United States needs as a legal way to empower our students and do ministry on our campus.”

– Jennifer K., Teacher

“To see students’ willingness to stand up and say ‘God is real. We believe the Bible is true and we’re going to pattern our lives around it’ is a huge thing. It really is a standout of something very different than what the normal culture is.”

-John S., Teacher

Meant for More Needs Your Help!

Here are some simple ways you can get involved today

1.Get to know your legal foundation

We’ve done extensive research to ensure that Meant for More is legally supported on all public school campuses. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about Christians’ rights at public schools so you can ensure students’ rights are protected at your school.

2. Advise a Christian Club

Christian clubs are the foundation of Meant for More. If there isn’t already a group of Christian students that meet together regularly, sign up to be their advisor and help them get started!

3. Advocate for students

Many students will face pushback leading up to and during their Meant for More outreach week. They need people like you who will stand behind them, advocate for the work they’re doing and celebrate alongside them.